I can't see the Chapter Headings

I am using: Libreoffice Writer; Version:; Build ID: 882f8a0a489bc99a9e60c7905a60226254cb6ff0

I am rebuilding a document from a free online version. I copy and paste into a document, then add heading styles to the text. Then I open up Format > Page > Headings > Heading and Footer On. Then I go to Insert > Fields > Other > Document > Chapter > Level > 2 > Insert > Close. But, instead of seeing the actual name of the Chapter Heading the document shows: “Chapter” on each page. But, when I open up Page Preview, the actual Chapter names appear. I have tried to include a screenshot but I don’t have >3 points.

OP: @dennisn

Please press Ctrl+F9


menu View → Field Names.

See also: LibreOffice Help: Fields