I can't send a textbox forwards over an image. What am I doing wrong?

I can’t send a textbox forwards over an image (on ‘Draw Drawing’). What am I doing wrong?
However, I can send it forwards over other things…

On which layer is the image? Click on the image. Then this information is on the left side of the status bar, there where you see ‘Slide 1 of 1’.
Which version of LibreOffice do you use?

I’m using the latest version. Perhaps I need to mention the fact that the file was imported from Publisher and I opened it using this. Does this make a difference?

Try to send the Image to the back and the table to the front. Also, anchor both to the same setting e.g., to paragraph. Did it do the trick?

I fixed the problem-
The image was somehow ‘frozen’. I could move it, but couldn’t send it to back. I just pasted the picture again and it worked.

Glad you got a solution :slight_smile: