I can't Use Custom Fonts In Impress

I’m trying to make an animated lift/elevator and Impress won’t let me use custom fonts!! Please Help!

(The font I’m trying to use is Kone KSS470.ttf)

Also, how do you change the colour of the text?


Hello 6716328328, LibreOffice uses the fonts that are installed on your system.
To select a Font in your Impress Presentation, open the toolbar “Text Formatting” ( menu “View : Toolbars : Text Formatting” ). There in the dropdown listbox you can select a Font.
On the same toolbar there is also the button to change the text color.

(and the canonical way to change text properties is using sidebar)

yes in the sidebar, the button Styles & Formatting, then right-click on a style and select the option “Modify…”. That brings up the dialog to change a particular Style.

I meant the Properties pane of sidebar, thats Character and Paragraph sections are functionally equivalent to Text Formatting toolbar.

Thanks now i found it … slow day today …