I character keeps getting capitalized

The I character keeps getting capitalized, even thought the language being used is not English.
I’m using Version: Build ID: 420m0(Build:3) on Ubuntu 13.10.

Which language are you using?

Go to toolbar, Tools > AutoCorrect Options... then scroll down until you see the “i / I” “Replace/With” combination. Click on it once, then click the (now active) Delete button. Done.

You might also need to check to see which “language” LibO thinks you are using, and set the AutoCorrect options accordingly.

My LibO knows I am using Italian, if I misspell an Italian word, it suggests a correction

There is a reported problem (fdo#76964) with “i” being captialised into “I” for non-English language text under v4.2. The reported problem relates to en-GB interface / install combined with Polish language pack, but may affect other non-English configurations. As per @dajare’s answer deleting the auto-correction entry for en-GB is effective (even though it should not affect Polish text), but this then prevents auto-correction when typing en-GB text.

Have same problem… hope this will get fixed.

This doesn’t works for me, I deleted the “i auto-correction” from both the UK English and UK USA