I connect between mysql and libreoffice. but I got error when I login

`Hello everybody.
Recently I made a database on MySQL and linked it to LibreOffice. (using JDBC connector)
But I have an error when I log in to my form.
I put the password and I got the below error. every time.

The Connection to the data source “my database” could not be established.

Could not connect to address=(host:localhost)(port=3306)(type=master): RSA public key is not available client side
(option serverRsaPublicKeyFile not set)

so I log in to MySQL on the console command manually.
then I can get into the form.
so It’s possible to get into my form technically.

so Why does it happen? and Is there any method I don’t get any error message everytime
when I login on libreoffice? (without manual login)

My OS : Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS
Libreoffice : Version:
MySQL : 8.0.32

You are connecting to MySQL > version 5. Please have a look to all connector properties here:
MySQL JDBC connector properties

Might be something like


would help.

Thank you for your kind answer.
But I don’t exactly know how I set the properties.
I found the “Tools → option → Libreoffice Advanced” Tab. but I can’t find an entry to add the property you recommended.
sorry, I’m really a newbie to this knowledge.

It’s a little bit tricky: There are 2 possibilities to get a JDBC-connection to MySQL. I will describe by starting with Database Wizard.

File → New → Database
Step 1: Connect to an existing database → JDBC (don’t use MySQL/MariaDB)
Enter DBMS/driver specific connection string:
“mysql://localhost:3306 /mydb?allowPublicKeyRetrieval=true&useSSL=false”
JDBC driver class:
Step 3 and Step 4 are the same as for MySQL/MariaDB direct.

Couldn’t test it here, because OpenSUSE installs MariaDB instead of MySQL. Also the direct connection from LO has been created for MariaDB-connections.

What a surprise. It works seamlessly.
It’s very helpful and informative. Thanks a lot.