I copy/pasted a newspaper article containing a photo and saved as ODT. A month later I opemed the file - no photo but a broken URL in the image space. sometimes the document in recent files shows the photo. Help?

Writer 4.4.12
Windows 7 PRO

Are you sure it was a newsPAPER article and not a webpage?
If you want to save a webpage, select “save as” or “save” in your browser, you can alternatively print the webpage as a PDF document. Those options are much better for web pages.

It was an article on a newspaper web page. I have determined that I created the file using Open Office, not Libre Office. Actually when I create a similar file with Libre Office it does not save the photo. Just an empty image box. I am going to reload OO and see what happens

Images (plural) and an image in a webpage are always pasted as a link. A single image can be pasted in an embedded manner via CNTL+SHIFT+V (paste special). The related enhancement request to improve this is fdo#51609.