I copy text from write and when I paste it into another program, some of the spacing between words disappears

I wrote the following paragraph in libre office writer. Then pasted it into epim email program.
The between word spacing was correct before the copy and paste, but now…

Cynthiaexpresses appreciation of my letting go, relinquishing false controlover her choices. I feel more relaxed the more I simply watch andwalk alongside her rather than steering her in a direction of mychoosing. Watching my friend, even in pain and struggle, bringspleasure rather than the misery I mirror when “helping” her livebetter. [Ilove this sentence!]Will I still be cherished if I don’t work so hard to “save” myfriend?

Is this a bug or is there something I’m doing wrong? Or is there a work around?

without being able to examine the original document it would be hard to tell for most if us. If you can post a link to the document in question so we can examine it that would help greatly.

Thanks. In trying to replicate, I realized that the issue only shows when I paste a libre office doc into my email program (Essential PIM). On web forms, webmail, notepad, the spaces do work. So, I’ll contact Essential PIM. If you’d like I can attach a file and a screen capture of what happens, but now it seems like it is a PIM issue, not a libre office issue.
Thanks again.


Check to see if the spaces are actually plain spaces and not some extended character such as a non-breaking-space.
EPIM may just be removing all extended characters.