I deleted the recovery files, what now?

So what happened is that, while I was writing my final essay due for tomorrow, I accidentally screwed my heading that was pretty complicated to do. So, instead of redoing it, i decided to close without saving the latest changes which were half a paragraph and my screw up. Since I didnt know what wasnt in my last save I copied all my text before closing. When I opened libreoffice, there were three files, one that i did not need anymore. I tried to delete the recovery data of this file and another box opened. I wasnt sure what it was so i said cancel.
(Thats where i think i accidentally deleted all the recovery files)
Problem is when I opened my essay, there was nothing at all except the heading. No more text even though i saved a couple of times. At first I was like hah no worries I copied everything, except when I went to paste it, the option was light gray, like if I had nothing to paste.

So basically I lost everything.

I did not have the ‘Always create a backup’ option activated. Is there still a way that I can obtain my essay, or is crying in despair all I have left?


sorry - but no backup means no recovery of deleted information. There is no way to recover your essay from the void.