I do not have "strikethrough" available in my LO calc 6.3

I do not have “strikethrough” available in my LibreOffice calc 6.3 - I used context menu - style - and then no strikethrough found. How can I get it (strikethrough)? Thank you for your time.


Method 1

  • Select the text you want to strikethrough
  • Right click -> Character... -> Character -> Tab: FontEffects -> Dropdown: Strikethrough and select your desired strikethrough value.
  • Click OK

Method 2 - The preferred one

A more elaborated way would include the creation of a Character Style (e.g. named StrikeThrough having the font effect defined into and assigning that character style to the selected text.

  • Styles -> Manage Styles --or–F11
  • Select icon Character Styles (second icon beneath Styles)
  • Right Click -> New on Default Style
  • Select Tab Organizer and provide a name for the new character style (e.g StrikeThrough)
  • Select Tab Font Effects -> Dropdown: Strikethrough and select your desired strikethrough value.
  • Click OK

To apply: Select the text to be strikethrough and double click on the character style in the style manager.

Hope that helps.

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Many thanks Mike - works perfectly. I am very grateful to you - for your time and expertise.
Thank you.

It was not me - but @anon73440385! :slight_smile:

Ooops - completely overread calc because biased to writer. Sorry … wrong answer; now confused why it helped anyway.

I used method 1 - and it works perfectly. Have not tried method 2.

Method 2 works! Can also right click & delete style if one saved it by mistake.To add the strike through (as it is a basic feature) to the top menu .Chapter 14 Customizing LibreOffice under the Heading Modifying existing toolbars
Make sure to select Tools,Customize,Toolbar & Libre Office Standard

  • not

Standard Viewing Mode

Simpler Method: In the menu, go to View > Toolbars, and deselect ‘Formatting’. Now do the same and select ‘Text Formatting’. Strikethrough will now be an option on the toolbars

When all else fails: Insert->Shape->line