I don't understand what's happening [unsaved document to be restored]

I’ve been using an old version of Libre Office on a Windows 10 laptop for several years and for the most part haven’t had any issues.

On a new Windows 11 laptop I downloaded the version. I had an unsaved document I had been working on for some days which needed to be restored after the windows updated itself and restarted my system. I thought everything would be fine, just like always the document would restore to the last autosaved point. I was given the option to restore however there was absolutely nothing in the document, everything was gone and I noticed there is a ‘(remote)’ on the file (idk if it was there before and I don’t really understand what it means). I can’t find the libre office in roaming to try to access the back up folder and when I try to create a new document nothing happens. No additional writer documents can be created. I also can’t find how to change the back up/autosave features in this version (or on this laptop). Does anyone have any idea what going on and how I can get back my document please?

Thank you in advance

Save early, save often. By this I mean Save As to a known location and give it a name related to the document, after that press Ctrl+S every time you stop to think.

If the document is important or long consider doingFile - Save a Copy with the same name but date suffix YYYY-MM-DD. This gives you backups that you can revert to in a similar case or of you decide that you lost direction in your document and you want to restart from an earlier point.

See Preventing data disaster - The Document Foundation Wiki

I also suggest to close everything and shut down the computer every night, you won’t get nasty surprises and you will do your bit for the environment.

If there is a temporary file it would be in the folder defined in Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Paths, probably C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp. It would be in a folder named luxxxxxxxxx.tmp. Copy the largest file to Documents folder and open it from LO by File > Open

The settings for backup copy and auto recovery are in Tools > Options > Load/Save > General and rely on the paths set in previous paragraph.
Cheers, Al


I know…I was so used to never really having a problem I got lazy.

Unfortunately there isn’t but thank you.

Do you have any idea why the documents would come up as remote? Or why it’s not possible to open any additional blank documents?

  1. Have you clicked Start menu > Power > Restart to restart your computer? If not, then try creating a new document in LibreOffice.
  2. If LibreOffice still can’t create a new document then try Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features, find LibreOffice, right click and select Repair
  3. Check out this page, General Installation Issues (Windows) - The Document Foundation Wiki
    • Make sure that LibreOffice can write to disk, it might not have been able to do so. If you have Windows Defender as your antivirus have a look at this page, Defender Controlled folder access exception for LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki .
      To add a program to the allowed list “simply” click Start menu > Settings > Privacy and Security > Windows Security > Virus and threat protection > Manage ransomware protection > Allow an app through Controlled folder access > [click Yes to User access control dialogue] > Add an allowed app > Recently blocked apps and click the + next to soffice.bin
    • If you use another antivirus, you might have to add soffice.bin to an allowed list of programs.