I downloaded a template with 9 boxes, how can i insert ascending numbers to continually run?

How can i have ascending numbers in each of the 9 boxes?

What boxes? (Text boxex? Form objects? Frames?) Please upload an anonymized sample file for better checking problems.

You can’t.

More information is needed about the nature of the boxes in the template.

  • Text boxes
    There’s a common misconception about text boxes in Writer. They are non-integrated graphical objects where text insertion is rather limited (you can’t use all features, notably no field can be used there and fields are necessary to number items).

  • Frames
    Frames are complete sub-documents limited to one page size at most. As sub-documents, all possibilities are available to format or dynamically modify text with fields.
    But these sub-documents are independent from the main text flow and not ordered.

Reread carefully the not ordered caveat. Frames are scanned by Writer when formatting or printing in an unspecified order (likely the order in which the frames were created, but don’t rely on it). This means that trying to number number them in ascending order (but which global order since the frames can be located anywhere in a page, several per page) is doomed to give unpredictable results.

In addition, if you edit the frames (moving them, adding one, deleting others), you’ll get a different numbering order.

Explain what you want to do so that we can suggest a robust solution.

Out of curiosity, attach the template for “quality” analysis and assessment.

I downloaded an Avery template 94104, which will make 9 labels. I want to be able to have
ascending numbering on each label.

Thank you
Debby Perkins

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ascending numbers to continually run?

Then use File>New>Labels

There are provisions there to print in order.

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Avery 94104 size is not included among the Avery Letter Size templates in LibreOffice (File > New > Labels). By using the Format tab you can create your own 94104 template. You just need to fill in:

Horizontal pitch 2.625
Vertical pitch 3.25
Label Width 2.5
Label Height 2.5
Left margin 0.375
Top Margin 1.000
Columns 3
Rows 3
Page Width 8.5
Page Height 11.

Then press the Save… button, name it Avery Letter Size in top field and 94104 in lower field

Go to Options tab and select Synchronise contents then press New Document.

You could then just click in the top left label, press the Ordered list button and then press the Synchronise Labels button in the floating toolbar, you will see incremented numbers in the labels. For quick and dirty numbered labels that might be all you need (after editing the appearance of the numbering).

Using the Database option would be better for control of numbering. The Writer Guide will have more on that in English documentation | LibreOffice Documentation - LibreOffice User Guides