I finished a book. How can I add my cover letter, etc. to it, to send it off?

I recently finished writing a book. I want to send it to a publisher. How do I add the synopsis, and thank you’s, etc., to the manuscript, so that the publisher gets just one document?

If I have understood you correctly you do not want to make any changes in your book contents like page numbering etc. You could export your synopsis as well as your book into PDF format and then connect/merge them into one file/document. LibreOffice is not able to do that decently but try out an app like pdf24.org (online or locally installed) to merge your two files. Search on the internet and you will find some other apps which could do if my above mentioned proposal won’t fit…

I hope your book is fully “styled” (paragraph and page at a minimum).

Create dedicated page styles (cover letter and synopsis at least – I don’t see if thank you’s are part of the letter or an independent subdocument, you’ll handle that).

Write your cover letter, synopsis and others at the beginning of your manuscript using the dedicated page styles.

Put the cursor at the beginning of the first paragraph of your manuscript. Insert>Break>Manual Break, select the page style for the first page of your manuscript to switch to it, and force the page number to 1. This will reset the global state to what it was when your manuscript was alone in the file.

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