I froze a row but it sorts in Windows 7. Why? That makes no sense!

Once you freeze a row why on earth would anyone want it to sort? That’s the whole point of freezing! Or am I missing something?
Of course you can just highlight from one row under your frozen top row but that’s not nearly as convenient as going from the top.
I wonder if LO hires software designers that are mentally damaged. So many things just do not work conventionally when it would be so easy for them to. At least give the users options. But no. Even this forum is insane: I have to select English before posting when the page is in English? When 99% of the posts on this forum are in English? It wouldn’t think to default to English? Who designs this stuff??? I am truly baffled.
And why close a topic? That makes no sense. There is always something to add to a topic, always something we’ve learned. Topics should never be closed.
Sorry for the rant but when things don’t make sense it really bothers me. And software design is the worst for this. Its like all the deranged lunatics of the world were funneled into web and software development. And I use the term “development” in the loosest possible fashion. There is a serious lack of common sense in this industry and no one seems to talk about it. We just give these idiots a pass. We shouldn’t. When things make no sense call them out. Its the only way we can get them to pull themselves out of their make believe video game world into the real world.

And there are SO many others with exactly the same topic on my right. Its obviously a real bonehead move to sort a frozen row. You Control_click to open in a new tab and it doesn’t work. Do it again and it does. More bonehead design.

One of them has this answer but it doesn’t work of course.

From the menu “Data”, “Sort”, select the Options tab, then check the option for “Range contains column labels”.

In mine there is no Options tab under Data. And no “Range contains column labels” anywhere in Options for Calc.

Other questions aren’t even answered. Maybe we can finally get to the bottom of this here for once and for all.



Now that you have given way to your rant, please, edit your question and redact it.
Next time, write all the rant do you need, then delete it before pressing the button + Create Topic, or Reply. Thanks.

Considering you express not the first time not to understand even a little bit of the decisions in the LO-community or development, I’m wondering why you insist of using it. When everywhere else it is better, why do you stay?