I had problem when I open a 4.0 Writer doc with LOO 4.1. The text goes in the right margin

I have Writer docs made with LOO version (Build ID: 5464147a081647a250913f19c0715bca595af2f, on Mac OSX 10.9.1).

When I open the docs with LOO 4.1 (latest version or previous one), the text goes in the right margin.

You can see below printscreens of the same document once opens with LOO4.0 :

Ans opens with LOO4.1

OP: @cdelmoni

Two suggestions: (1) The first thing I would try is resetting the user profile and see if that takes care of it.

(2) If it doesn’t then I would check “styles”. Did you import any from 4.0? When the cursor is in that paragraph, what “Style” is displayed in the upper-left drop-down (to the left of the font declaration)? And how is that style defined? Does fixing the paragraph style solve your problem?