I had to reset my computer but when I reinstalled LibreOffice my documents were gone. Is there any chance of recovering them?

Reset computer so lost all programs. When LibreOffice was reinstalled all documents were gone. Can they be recovered?

Reset computer so lost all programs.

Do you mean you reinstalled your operating system? If yes - no way. LibreOffice doesn’t store your documents on a network storage (cloud) or some such. If you did not take your own precautions, then all your documents are lost (Installing a new operating system generally causes your hard disk to be formatted), and this is not limited to documents created by LibreOffice.

Edit your question to provide more details.

How did you “reset the computer”? Reinstalling everything from scratch? Did you backup your documents before proceeding?

In case you didn’t reinstall everything but merely followed a “technical” procedure, how do you access your documents? Do you open them from the “start center” in LO? Use then the file navigator of your OS to find your default save directory (commonly named “Documents”). Double-click on the icons to launch LO and start editing them.

Alternatively, File>Open in LO and navigate to your document directory.

Do you mean you reinstalled your operating system? If yes - no way.

It depends on the disk partitioning. When you use a good operating system like Linux or BSD, your documents and user settings are (by the default classic scheme) stored on a separate home partition and survive failures and reinstallations of the OS. Just mount it and chown as necessary.

@gabix - of course you are right but that’s exactly the information people require (and can deal with) asking such questions. Sorry …