I have, fresh, don't want another fresh, but want 4.1.6 stable

How do I uninstall what I have [Libreoffice downloaded 11.30.2013] and install a more reliable current “stable” version [e.g., 4.1.6]?

my op sys: Windows 8.1 on 2013 Lenovo laptop with core i5

When I copy photos from my own email page and paste into Libreoffice “Text/Document” it doesn’t work when I place 1 mb photos into Libreoffice pages. The photos cant be seen, only the text under them.

When I did the same thing in MS Word, it worked fine. I no longer have access to MS Word

I don’t know for sure whether the I downloaded was a ‘fresh’ version or not, only that I’ve had the problem listed with it.

You simply download the version you want and rui the downloaded exe-file. That is all. There is no need to un-install 4.1.3.

Just a side note: Since I switch over to LibO I don’t even install MS Office anymore…