I have a cell formatted for date (1/2/2019) and I want to drag it down to autofill the entire year but only weekdays. Is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Dates are by default represented by integer numbers in spreadsheets. If you did so, the effects of dragging and the results of calculations will not at all depend on the format you chose.

I don’t know a way to create “broken series” by dragging. But you can start with any date in cell A2 e.g, and enter into the cell below the formula =IF(WEEKDAY(A2;2)=6;A2+2;A2+1). If you fill this formula down as far as needed, you will get the sequence of dates skipping sundays.

(If you want to treat dates as texts it’s more complicated.)

By the way: Th only date format meeting all the needs that may occur is “ISO 8601 (extended)”. The respective formatting code is YYYY-MM-DD.