I have a document with a file extension '.mdb' which is associated with Windows Office. I would like to open the document in Libre Office - can you pease tell me how?

I have just got a new computer with Window 8 installed and I am learning how to use it! I am using version

Many thanks, useful advice.

First is a warning (in fact, two warnings):

  1. Windows File extensions are advisory, not mandatory
    (just because a file has a `mdb’ does not mean that it is a database file for a Microsoft Access (Jet) database)
  2. ms jet mdb files are capable of housing surprises
    (make sure that you check the file out in a good anti-virus checker)

Having said all that I’m going to refer you to the following Wiki Page:-


(not much point in acres of text from me when someone has documented the whole thing)

If this helps then please tick the answer (:heavy_check_mark:).

As a general rule don’t open files unless they are from a trusted source. Where did you get the file from?
If it is northwind.mdb it is a MS sample Access database.