I have a failed password

I just want to open my little spreadsheet. I didn’t know there was a password so I asked for one and my response suggested one stating that google would remember it. It did NOT apparently and now I am still unable to open the spreadsheet.

What got Google to do with your problem? Is your file stored at Google? Or is your file on your local disk and asking for a password? What operating system and which LibreOffice version?
(If you don’t have secured your calc file using a password, then it is absolutely unclear, what is requesting a password. If you did secure your calc spreadsheet using as password, and you don’t remember the password, then there is no way to open)

Google Chrome will offer to remember your passwords for you. Those passwords will be for web based resources. The Google service as such should not hold any password at all in human-readable format.

When you enable protection on individual sheets of your spreadsheet document, LibreOffice Calc will allow you to set a password. This is not mandatory, and in any case it is “weak protection”, intended as a guide towards what to edit. If you can open your file and see content, but you are unable to edit it, this may be the cause. If you have forgotten your sheet protection password, there are workarounds.

When you save your file, there is a checkbox to enable “save with password”. This provides strong protection with efficient encryption. If you enabled this and forgot the password, like Opaque said, most likely your data are lost.

If you are using G-suite (Google sheets), you are asking the wrong people. Consult G-suite support.