I have a large book I'm writing and trying to add photos and its giving me the bad allocation msg

What to do, I’m not quite sure how to do the change user profile.


The default settings for LibO assume you are creating a typical small or medium sized document, not a large document with images. Hence you probably have a memory setting problem.

You have not said what version of LibreOffice you are using and what operating system. My versions are 4.4, 5.0 and 5.1 and I am using Linux-Mint Mate, so your details may differ slightly. If you have a large book and you are adding photos, it sounds as if you do not have enough memory set for LibreOffice. On my system go to Tools > Options > Memory > and increase these settings. I use 210 MB USE FOR LIBREOFFICE, 11MB MEMORY PER OBJECT, and 20min REMOVE FROM MEMORY AFTER.

You may need to juggle these figures. Anyway, try the memory settings first to see whether this fixes your problem… Peter