I have a mac using os 10.6.8 what is the latest version of libre office should I download

Mac cannot be up graded any further that the above. looking to use Libre Office to alter information of some pdf data regarding my family trees





Os should read 10.6.8 and not 10.8.6

If you need to rectify info given in the subject, please do it by editing your question, and there the subject.
I gladly did it for you in this case.

For macOS 10.6 (according to comment), latest LibreOffice version supporting the platform is 4.3. You may download it from download archive.

Libreoffice runs happily on my MBP 17" OSX 10.6.8. LibreOffice auto update function says there are no more updates.

I see there is a but I haven’t tried it, and presume it is incompatible with 10.6.8.