I have an i in the left margin of my document. Using the backspace key will not remove it. Also my page numbering stopped with this page. What is it and how do I remove it?

Also, how can I get rid of formatting marks?

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If what you mean by ‘formatting marks’ is what I think, they only appear while you are editing your document. For example, they will not appear on printed copies, etc.

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Turn off Track Changes. Click Edit > Track changes > Record to unhighlight it.

Accept all changes. Click Edit > Track changes > Accept all

That will have sorted out your '“formatting marks”

Where the page numbering has stopped then you have a change of page style.

Maybe it is a Landscape page or some page style that you need; in that case add a footer and the a page number field.

If you don’t need another page style, click on the page without numbering. Then at the bottom of the screen, right click on Page Style button and select the same style as the previous pages. The page will then be the same as the others.

In LO-6 most of switching format-marks on/off are achieved via the menu:View options.