I have an RTF file with image that is not showing

The RTF file definitely contains an image (i.e., not just a link), since the file is over 3Mb. When LibreOffice Writer opens it, there is 7 pages of text, followed on the next page by an outlined box with the text “Image1” at the top of the box, but no image. The RTF file is viewed without issues using WordPad.


…followed on the next page by an outlined box with the text “Image1” at the top of the box, but no image.

Most likely you need to activate option View -> [x] Images and Charts if you face an “…outlined box with the text "Image1"

That’s why I asked if all other documents do display the picture as intended.

Worked like a charm! Thanks! Have to say that I’ve been using LO for only about 3 months and have only used Writer, Calc, and Base.

RTF is not very well documented AFAIK. It may lead to such glitches.

Try to save the file in another format from WordPad, or save it in .odt from LO, copy the picture from WordPad and paste it in a picture manager (I use XnViewMP), save the pic and insert it in your document to replace the placeholder (this is to make sure the format is appropriate, that is .png or .jpg).

Note: I take for granted that picture are displayed correctly in other documents in LO.

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Thanks, Hagar Delest. While your answer helps, I just decided to open .rtf files with WordPad. That seemed the easiest work-around. I did not try other LO options. The files were email attachments of club meeting minutes from the secretary of the club. Hope you don’t mind if I wait to see if anyone else replies before tagging your response.

Of course, someone may have a better idea (it is part of my standard reply, you are the one who decide to tag or not to tag and when).

Maybe you can ask the sender to change the file format. Even .doc(x) may be better supported in LO. And if the file doesn’t need to be edited, then PDF is the best bet.