I have created a database using forms. I need to change the ID fields from the left of the data entry field to the top of the data entry fields. How I can do this to the current formdb? I am using 4.4.4.,base db, forms tool Thank you, Gus Kane

I am using 4.4.4. base database tool, forms tool at this time. Thank you.

First, you must open the form in edit mode by clicking the appropriate toolbar icon (image description) or alternatively opening directly into edit mode by right mouse clicking on the desired icon in the LO database window, clicking Edit.

Second, you must select the Label control without also selecting the TextBox control. I assume this is the main hurdle you are trying to surmount There are three methods, all alternatives (any one of the following will accomplish the goal):

  • Ctrl + left mouse button click on
    the label (this is fastest);

  • go to form navigator (image description)
    and click on the label from there, which if created by the wizard will
    have a ABC icon and a name beginning with lbl like the
    following (image description);

  • ungroup the label/textbox, by
    clicking normally on either one (thus selecting
    both label and textbox), right mouse clicking in the pop-up
    menu, clicking at the bottom of that
    menu on Group to expand the
    submenu, clicking Ungroup, clicking
    elsewhere, then do a regular click on
    the label.

By following any of these options you will see green dots surrounding the label and just the label (or “id”). This means you are ready to move the label and just the label.

Third, click and hold the left mouse button while the cursor is over the label, drag it to the desired location, release. Alternatively, right mouse click and in the ensusing menu click Control (or just double-click on the label) and in the following dialog box change the PositionX and PositionY values as desired. The top left corner of the form is 0" x and 0"y, so you will decrease the PositionY value and presumably increase the PositionX value to achieve your objective. The Control values are helpful for fine-tuning.

The icons used in this answer are from the Linux version of LO; your icons might be slightly different.

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