I have created a spreadsheet in LibreOffice with dates formatted. This cannot be read by Excel. Can anyone advise why and the best way to sort this

I have inputted dates as DD/MM/YYYY on my spreadsheet. When I send this to a colleague using Excel spreadsheet these appear as #####

Related to your “Answer”: Please provide a sample file. Use the paper clip symbol to upload the file while **edit**ing your question.

And it you are at it, please provide information about.

  1. Your operating system
  2. Your LibreOffice version (+ resource whe you got it from)
  3. File format you save the document you sent to your colleague (.ods or something else)

Make the title short.


ask your colleague to increase column width - ### is an indicator that the column is not wide enough to show full (number type) content.

image description

Hope that helps.

Thanks we have tried that but it doesn’t work

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If the dates are smaller than 1900-01-01 Excel doesn’t handle such.