I have formatted footnotes in document, now I want to add a footnote beteen footnote 12 and 13. LibreOffice Vanilla won't do it. It auto types number as 2 instead of 13. Can anyone help please?

I am writing a book and am new to LibreOffice. Have Vanilla on latest Mac so fn keys don’t work. I have lots of footnotes. Am editing so I want to add a footnote where there wasn’t one. But LibreOffice inserts a ‘2’ instead of ‘13’. I have searched through every menu and can’t find how to change it or to make the LibreOffice renumber footnotes automatically (the box is ticked for auto numbering of footnotes). Is LibreOffice capable of this function (auto updating and renumbering footnotes when a new one has been inserted or deleted)? Help…


How is the ToolsFootNote & EndNotesFootnotes tab▸Counting set?


IMHO, this happens if you have a mixture of manual and automatic numbered notes. How were they originally created? Is this an import from some other OS/computer/document processor?

Can this help?

Footnotes and Endnotes in Writer – LO52