I have just downloaded LibO 3.6. It's great, except that Auto amd manual spellcheck don't work at all. Language is set to 'English UK'. Never had this problem with previous versions

Spell check won’t work in version 3.6

Please have a look at
• Various problems with bundled extensions…

You may try this workaroundFatal error - #3 by manj_k .

Already have a look at the download page where it states to read the release notes :slight_smile:

http://www.libreoffice.org/download/release-notes/ → remove the “extensions” folder of the user-profile directory

That bug has been fixed in LibreOffice 3.6.1

Hi I checked it with english and french and it works fine.

What dictionnaries did you install ?

… Just my 2 cents

Same problem here. I installed 3.6 on Win 7 in German and I cannot activate English spell checking. The “tick” between English (UK) is also not there and I cannot find anything in the extension list. The download instructions refer to an all_lang pack which I could not find.

Have you tried the workaround (mentioned above)?

I have the same problem with italian and french, I solved by installing the dictionnaries manually

Yes, that will bypass the root cause of the bug via per-user cache, but it isn’t necessary to install the dictionaries twice. :wink: