Fatal error

I am getting a fatal error - the error message is:
Unhandled Exception: InvalidRegistryException:

This is followed by the message: Runtime Error! C:\Programfiles(X86)\LibreOffice3.6\program\soffice.bin
message ends with: Please contact application’s support team for more information.

I have checked the windows registry using regedit and have been unable to locate the line in the registry. As it says duplicate I assume that deleting the duplicate line should solve the problem.

Any suggestions

It’s not the windows registry, it’s a LO extensions problem. You could try to check the components.rdb file (C:/Programfiles(X86)/LibreOffice3.6/.../share/extensions/pdfimport/components.rdb), or just rename the extensions directory. Take care - it’s the central extension directory of your LO installation, not just your user profile, so it would be better trying to locate the duplicate entry in components.rdb instead of purging the complete extensions dir. If editing components.rdb doesn’t help, you could try to remove the PDFImport extension (maybe by moving it to another place in the file system).

Removing (or renaming) the directory “extensions” in your LibreOffice user profile should solve your problem.

Then restart LibreOffice (twice).

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Fixed in LibreOffice 3.6.1.