I have Kali Linux and I'd like to download some Microsoft Word Fonts, but I can't figure out how. Help?

My old hard drive with my Windows OS was fried, so I got a new one from a friend. Problem is that he didn’t tell me that the OS was Kali Linux. I just got LibreOffice installed and I like it so far, I just don’t care for the fonts it has. I’d like to get Arial or Calibri back from word and I’d like to know how I can download and install these.

This question has nothing to do with LibreOffice. The fonts you refer to have their authors and copyright holders, and might be available as part of some third-party packages. If the distribution you use has such fonts among its packages, then you might use its package management system (refer to OS documentation for details).

The official pages where you can get further information about the two fonts you specifically referred are:

If your Kali linux works like other debian linuxes (I have got LinuxMint, a “fork” of Ubuntu), so you could install from the repositories (start Synaptic) the


It contains (German description):

  • Andale Mono
  • Arial Black
  • Arial (Fett, Kursiv, Fett Kursiv)
  • Comic Sans MS (Fett)
  • Courier New (Fett, Kursiv, Fett Kursiv)
  • Georgia (Fett, Kursiv, Fett Kursiv)
  • Impact
  • Times New Roman (Fett, Kursiv, Fett Kursiv)
  • Trebuchet (Fett, Kursiv, Fett Kursiv)
  • Verdana (Fett, Kursiv, Fett Kursiv)
  • Webdings

The fonts are free variants of the original ones so you don’t break copyright rules.