I have Libre and can't open Appleworks - which I used to be able to do help

I was able to open Appleworks with Libre Office - now it won’t open with Libre. Since that was my main reason for subscribing, I need help getting that option back. Please help - and since the latest “upgrade” is gettin terrible reviews, I don’t want to do that “downgrade” in order to get this function back. Thanks

What means “to open Appleworks with Libre Office” - Appleworks is an application IIUC?

You tell “which I used to be able to do” - but what happened? has it happened out of the blue? or an upgrade (which you dislike)?

(Also you didn’t mention your OS - and I only can guess that it’s a flavor of macOS.)

Now that I look at the App Store’s LibreOffice Vanilla version history, there had never been a 5.3 version. So - where did you subscribed and for what? and which “terrible reviews” you mention? I am not sure now that I even guessed your OS correctly.

I have tried to add a comment giving the OS and Libre version, and how I used Libre to open Appleworks - but for some reason I got a red message saying “this content is forbidden” - so don’t know how to answer you.

do you try to open them with the menu File, then Open… ? Ie. by default, at least on OSX, drag and drop, … only works with modern extensions for security reasons (older file formats are often undocumented, filters are tested on fewer files, …)