I have LibreOffice 5.2. All of a sudden it will not load. Error message is it is not responding. I have Windows 10 on my computer. Help!

Put a new security system on, it did work after that was installed, but now is unresponsive.

** UPDATE 1/8/2017 ** Thanks, Doug. I did that. What happens is I click on the Libre program to open it. Up comes the the Libre title page. Then a blank white page with Libreoffice in small print in the upper left corner. The little o in the middle of the screen just keeps spinning and nothing happens. I click to close and a box comes up that says the program is not responding, and do I want to close it out. So I do.

I don’t know if I should uninstall and reinstall, if that would correct it. I don’t want to lose any documents. Any suggestions?

have you tried to kill the background process soffice.bin using the task manager available via ctrl+alt+delete? There may be a few of them.

What kind of security system? Is there a pop-under window seeking permission to run LO? In the security system is there a list of allowed programs? What if you run ‘Writer’ directly, rather than trying to open from the LibreOffice application window?

If the above does not help, try resetting your user profile.