I have opened and edited an appleworks file by dragging it to the LO window with "Open File" selected. Now, how do I exit, or close, the window without closing the whole LO app? I see no "button" to do so. I have an iMac, OS10.10. Thanks.

iMac, OS 10.10

In Windows when you open a document there is an X to close the document but keep LO open at the right hand side of the top Menu bar. It is below the X at the top of the LO window which closed document and LO.

when you have opened the AppleWorks’s file, this file has been converted(1). To close a window, you can either click on red icon in the windows bar (top left) or choose Close in the File menu(2) ; in both case, if you have done some edition it will ask you if you want to save the file, cancel or discard your changes…

(1) therefore, if you want to keep your change, you must save it as a new file.
(2) if you are in fullscreen mode, you must type “escape” to go back in normal mode