I have price list in .xlsx format and it weighs 60mb. Calc wont open it.

Hello. I have price list, on .xlsx format. It weighs 66 mb.
I tried to open in “cacl”, but its cant open. Gone more time (about 1-2 hours) , but no result. I cant got any error massage, only hangs app.
I use latest version

This file open on Microsoft office no problem.

Is it possible for you to try to export that xlsx as csv with that other spreadsheet program and then try to import to Calc. How many rows and columns that 66 MB translates to?

Try Apache OpenOffice. In my experience, AOO is more stable with big files as compared to LO.

Its big documents, over 20 000 row and 5 columns
We use only libreoffice, cose it’s may use in commerce.

Apache OpenOffice has a similar license.

OpenOffice we dont use.
We have only libreoffice.

So you keep using LibreOffice, but you will need to convert that file somewhere somehow. You just declined every suggestion we made. Maybe in a future you cold keep that data outside of office suite in some database and do logic with some programming, maybe PHP?

With 20000rows and 5 columns it’s not a so big amount of data, maybe there is a pictures for every article in the file, or maybe there are direct format on the whole file out of data cells, or conditional formats.

yes, there are pictures about 70% position. Is it reason ?
developers can not fix this problem?

I don’t understand why Apache OpenOffice is not an option. Well, one more suggestion: try odf-converter-integrator to convert the file to ODS.

“odf-converter-integrator” cant convert it, or dont work :frowning:
I late over 1 hour, but I cant get any results. I try other online coverter, no one shold convert this file.

I would like to fix Libreoffice, because we use SAP system (1C, Russia) and this programm generate same prices.

As far as I know, 1C does not generate true Excel files but mocks them, and the real format is HTML or something like that. Check with any text editor. If that’s the case, LO won’t help.

By the way, you should have mentioned that the file in question is not a genuinely produced Excel file but a product of a third-party app (and 1C is notoriously crappy). So, a bad question and I downvote it.