I hide columns A-F, how do I unhide them now?

I’m using LO and I created a spreadsheet, and for visibility purposes I hid columns A-F. I wanted to review columns A-F and I’ve tried to highlight column G, but nothing happens when I push the un-hide button. I also tried highlighting the entire spreadsheet, but then I don’t get the option to hide or un-hide, they are missing from the options.

Write in Name Box: A:F and Enter, then Format->Columns->Show


Follow this tutorial of LibreOffice: How to hide/show rows/columns in LibreOffice Calc - YouTube

You have to select both the previous and behind column of the hidden column, then Right Click > Show Column.

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Using LO this doesn’t work for me. I have multiple columns hidden, show column works only when I select all. This un-hides all hidden columns, which I do not want.