I hit a keybind and put the document in read-only, lost all my progress

Hi, I made and saved a document with intent to edit it later with all the information I needed to process. I opened it up and worked on it for about two hours, and then my cat decided to walk across my laptop keyboard. Suddenly my document was in read-only and reverted everything. Everything back to how it was, and nothing I found could point me to where my data went!

I’d like to avoid spending another two hours re-doing everything I already did. How do I completely remove that keybind and get my data back?

My tomcat likes walking on the keyboard as well. And sitting down there. And being caressed…

Before he comes up on the table I have to hit CTRL+S for saving my file.
For your proceeding: Probably the use of shortcut CTRL+Z for more than one time could be useful.

Have you activated the backup function? Menu Tools | Options | Load/Save (or similar)

See, that’s just the thing. I pulled it back into Edit Mode as soon as I saw the banner, tried looking to see if there was any undo/redo options (both arrows were grayed out, neither would work to undo or redo any changes made), and I spent maybe ten minutes looking through every drop-down option available to see if I could find a Revisions section for the document. I came up empty-handed and dropped in here to see if there’s any accessible backups that were made before this all happened.

Pretty sure the answer is no, and the situation’s hopeless, but I like using LibreOffice and haven’t had a significant data loss issue like this before.

But, if nothing can be done and it’s doomed then I’ll just use something stable that won’t terminate hours of work and test the hornet’s nest again.

The hint from @Grantler, seems groundbreaking to me. Otherwise:

[Preventing data disaster](https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Videos/Preventing_data_disaster)

…then I’ll just use something stable that won’t terminate hours of work and test the hornet’s nest again.

I wonder if this will help your cat not to repeat it?

I suspect your cat hit File-Reload. That’s tough. Back in the nineties, you learnt to hit save frequently because bad things happened so often

“I closed the document without saving, and you are responsible for that”!

That’s basically what you imply when telling that “I’ll just use something stable that won’t terminate hours of work …” thing. Your cat did random presses; there’s a way to put a document to read-only (Edit|Edit Mode (Ctrl+Shift+M)); the function warns you for unsaved data, as expected; but your cat obviously didn’t learn reading hard enough, and now you are blaming others for the cat pressing things to select “Don’t Save”. Well - you are welcome to look for a cat-safe soultion.

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