I just updated to Writer (x64) and my DOT bullets don't show up

The dots “o” for my bulleted text don’t show up. They are invisible. I can copy and paste the bulleted text to a new document and it shows up there which indicates a display problem in my existing document. They dot bullets don’t appear anywhere in my existing 100+ page document, even if I create new bulleted text. The numbered bullets do appear though.
This only started to happen this morning when I updated to the latest version of Writer. Any ideas? If not I will have to go back to the previous version.

Try the safe mode. If the error goes away, reset your user profile.

I restarted Writer in Safe Mode and selected “continue in safe mode” and it didn’t change anything. Round bullet icons are still missing. Restarting writer didn’t solve the problem either. I ended up solving the problem by rebooting the computer. It seems rebooting solves a lot of Writer problems. :slight_smile:

No, rebooting doesn’t solve a lot of LO problems. It solves a lot of Window$ problems. I have much fewer issues under Linux (hot update without rebooting, practically no user profile corruption even when main release number is incremented).

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