I keep losing my selections when I try to change their colors...?

I am currently using I often need to change an object’s color, and there aren’t find-and-replace-color tools, so I have to select each object, go to the palette, and select the new color. But about half the time, I somehow lose the selection when I reach the palette and end up changing the color of nothing at all…

What can I do about this?

The Toolbar colour button is divided in 2. The right-hand side (RHS) clicks in to choose from a palette of colours. Once you have selected a colour & are back at the main screen, the left-hand side (LHS) of the colour-button should show the selected colour.

NOW you can change the colour of objects! But click the LHS of the button, not the RHS.

Having said the above, my experience–entirely with setting font colours–suggests that you should NOT lose any object-selection whilst you select a new colour and, indeed, the act of selection should be equal to the act of LHS-clicking. In other words:- it’s a bug, so report it.

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I don’t understand.

I select the object. I go to the color palette to change the color, but sometimes I lose my selection in the process. Select, then edit, like the rest of LibreOffice.

On the menu/toolbar, there’s the fill icon which brings up a dialogue box, there’s the none/color/gradient/bitmap/etc. options, and then there’s the palette. None of these work the way you’re describing.

On the left side, I see that there are buttons which work like you’re describing. I don’t remember them from before, but I may find them useful.

P.S. I figured out the pattern and submitted a bug report: