I look for a code to transfer an entire line that has reached a condition.

Ex: In a sheet, I have a list of orders and when an order is fulfilled I want the line to be transferred to another sheet running a macro and, if possible, delete it from the initial sheet.

Just a hint on how to deal with problems like yours in a calc/spreadsheet fashion - see answer to question libreoffice calc find and copy all matching data in rows

Thaks for this information, but I would like an automatic process.

This is not a question of automatic or not, but a matter of how you create various tables from some fundamental data base. Thus I’d have 3 sheets:
1.) All orders
2.) Fulfilled orders created from 1.) using filters
3.) Backlog orders created from 1.) - 2.) using filters

Whether you apply your filters by an macro or manually is another question, but just don’t support the idea of copying content via macro from one sheet into another

I understand your point of view (I currently do this manually, Cut and copy selected line). But I have many requests to fulfill and others will be requested, so I would like to transfer completed orders to another spreadsheet and exclude them from the first one. Like this, I would have a clear view of what I still have to attend to.