I need 50-100% on a line graph

Hi all.

Been pulling my hair out on this all night.

I have 20 rows with 4 columns.

Column a is set to decimal numbers
Columns B-D are set to a percentage.

My data in my percentage columns never goes below 64%. But when setting up a graph it always shows the full scale from 0-100%. I want the graph to show from 60-100%. How can I do this please?

battery charger.ods

i managed to reduce it but it removes my first row of data on the graph so this isn’t good either

There must be an easy way to do this but can’t figure it out.

I managed to do it so it ignored the first column on the graph but then it starts from my second data point which is around 80%. Not my minimum %. If that makes sense.



Not sure if it works with all types of chart, but if you double-click on the chart to put it in Edit mode, then left-click on the axis you want to change, then right-click on that axis to get the little menu, then choose Format Axis. The Scale tab is probably the one you want to select and there are many possibilities for changing the display of the chart, including the range of values.

Why do you use a line chart, if all your data are numerical? Line charts are for categorized data and for numerical data XY(Scatter) type charts are the first choice.

hi, i am using it to charaterise, i am charaterising a battery. colums b,c,d,e are efficiantcy at diff voltages, while colum a is the amps being drawn., i just cant work out how to adjust my percentage from 50-100 instead of showing me full scale

i have attatched a link to it above, i manages to get it down to a higher percentage but its missing off the first row of my sheet

ok ve3oat sorted it, your idea worked and after a bit of playing it was winner winner chicken dinner. thanks very much

C:\fakepath\15828392411884497 (1).ods