I need autocorrect to type 3 periods as one ellipse.

Running LO (x64), editing a file originally typed on MS Word wps format, converted to docx on another site.

LO reads the docx fine, but autocorrect (which is clicked on) doesn’t convert 3 periods into one ellipse character.

Any help/tips would be appreciated!


Autocorrect replacement rules, which include the pre-configured one for replacing three separate periods to a single ellipsis, are language-specific. If there are no rules installed/exist for a language used in a document, the replacement would not happen for the text marked as that language.

Your document having a history of edits in different programs, it’s difficult to tell why the language of text could be not the one you expect; but anyway, possibly you need to reset the language for selected/all text (using menu ToolsLanguage), or even remove direct formatting (under Format menu) and use styles to control the language (set on the style’s Font tab).