I only want the stable version

I only want the stable version not the ‘early adopter’ version. Until recently the ‘update available’ notification has only been triggered when a new stable version was available but now every time I open Libre Office I get a notification for the 7.0.3 version which I do not want. Why the change?

IMHO (my version here) is pretty stable now. It has bubbled up in the various repository-managed Linux distributions, i.e. it has been adopted by the distro maintainers who have estimated it could be released without harm.

Note also that 3 (in is >> 0 which can be considered a sign of maturity.

In general, though I adopted a daring distro, I always lag 2-3 releases behind TDF.

Thanks. If you go to the download page it still says that the stable/conservative/better tested version is v6.4.7 which is what I am running. I only want the latest stable version not the early adopter version and until recently have never received a ‘new version’ notification for an unstable version (if I can call it that).

I only want the stable version

Nobody forces you to upgrade - stay with your current release and disable Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> Online Update -> [x] Check for updates automatically.

> Why the change?

No idea - may be you need to file a bug report here