I opened my calc file to see that I saved over it with a blank page. Is there any way to recover my file? I

I did my taxes in a spreadsheet with all my receipts for the year for my business, then I made a general template and saved over my tax info. I just discovered when I reopened the file and there is no previous versions, and there is no option for undo. How can I recover this information?

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If you’re lucky you had activated Tools → Options → Load/Save → General, Save, Always create backup copy, then you might find a backup file in the folder given under Tools → Options → LibreOffice → Paths, Backups.

If not, then restore from your last known good backup copy.

If you didn’t do backups: no chance. You overwrote the file.

As additional suggestion to @erAck, if your OS is Windows, you could also be lucky to have the build in computer protection active and would be able to retrieve previous file versions with the file manager ‘explorer’.