I recently upgraded 5.4.3 to - get image "read error"

The read error occurs in an image I have embedded as a logo for a letterhead.
A similar problem happened when I upgraded I think from 3 to 4, and there was a workaround which had a good permanent effect. Unfortunately I can’t remember or find that workaround in settings.
The logo is seen in the thumbnails, but disappears when doc is loaded

@hderham: a sample file would be useful to see the problem. Possibly a bug report should be filed.

Btw, creating “community wikis” (both questions and answers) is bad idea. Unfortunately, it’s not disabled in this site’s settings; but please don’t use that in the future.

I have a similar problem in, inserting a graphic into a .odt from basic. The file has a graphic sized box captioned ‘Read Error’. It worked in 5.4.x. I would include the macro here, but don’t think I can attach it.

@Pansmanser: if you need to attach a file here, that isn’t accepted being an “unsuitable type”, then please just rename it to have one of “supported” extensions, and mention this in the text.

And I am not sure that it’s the same question that is discussed in the original question: there was no mention of macros involved; I can suppose that the macros managing images failing to work in recent versions are related to recent image handling rework in 6.1. Please do it in a new question.

Thanks, Mike. The only difficulty with attaching the file is that I don’t think I can attach to a comment. I’ve not reposted because it seems to be fixed in

A laborious workaround is to open a document with the same image in it in Word, copy the image, and paste it into its place in the .odt document. However, every time I open a document with the image (logo) -which has been created in a previous version of LOffice- in Libreoffice 6, the image fails to display. When the image has been repasted from the Word opened document, it stays, and is openable in LO 6 with image intact.