I want 5 karma to be able to upvote

I mean, I guess it’s so bots wouldn’t be able to upvote things, but a post really helped me and I want to upvote it and its answer…

I hope this isn’t gonna be frowned upon. and i hope i can even get karma by posting it.

Thank you.

Please, to be helpful to others, retag your question meta as it is about the site not Calc itself (the corresponding tag should be removed).

Due to bad tag implementation, you must type Enter twice to exit retag mode.

(The tagging system is one of the most irritating features on this site)

Done. Thank you.

You can gain karma by giving good answers (or comments or even questions) that get upvoted…

Comments, even when upvoted, do not have any impact on karma.

Thank you. I guess it’s like the system that Stack Exchange uses. I do get its merits, but it can be irritating. I just want to give that positive feedback to say thank you for helping me… At least in Stack Exchange the upvotes are recorded and they’ll show up once you get the ability to upvote, if I’m not mistaken.

You’ll be able to give such positive feedback as well, including for this topic.

Anyway, I’ve upvoted your question, you can now upvote the one you wanted.

Thank you very much, you’re too kind :+1:

By the way, just in case anybody’s curious, this was the question that helped me.
I upvoted it and the answer :slight_smile:

You’ll be able to give such positive feedback as well, including for this topic.

For the sake of clarity, I should have said “that” topic. I was not talking of this one (the current discussion) but the one you had in mind and that you linked. The future system should import all Ask topics, thus it will still be possible to “upvote” the old ones afterward.

Don’t bother, the Ask system will soon be replaced.

Get a downvote for a non-answer.

Actually if it really is about to be replaced, it’s useful info. Thank you.

@gabix If read this as Don’t bother about your karma HERE so this was good answer - my upvote

Anyway, the point was “how to make a user happy?” (This has always been my motive when contributing to forums.) And in the end, there is no point arguing about what you think the good answer is. Just act. Give OP enough points to vote and we’re done.

Thanks @JohnSUN for the upvote nevertheless, appreciated.

This a not a forum, this is a questions and answers site. Ideally, it could be a knowledge base complementing the documentation, but due to bad questions, bad answers and those who upvote them just to make a user happy (but why make idiots happy? I see no good reason) the site has turned into a swamp. Sad.

LO is not a geek thing. It wants to be a popular office suite. Thus, it will attract a whole range of users, some will understand how this Q&A works, others won’t. Many do not even come back after asking their question. With popularity and success come the numbers, thus a wider range of users, spanning the whole scale of idiocy. Note that if this Ask site had a decent search feature, it would be way better. This site CANNOT be a knowledge base due to the poor search. It may improve in the near future.

So many here say “hey, it’s not a forum”. Then why not use a real forum for such user support? I can’t understand how it is still a problem for TDF.

And idiots deserve being happy too, me think.

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