I want to concatenate an =, a cell value with a number and a letter to make a cell reference formula

Cell D3 has a value of 3
Cell A3 has a value of 047853002508

In cell I3 I used the following formula: =CONCATENATE("=A",D3)

The result is cell I3 has a value =A3. I want the value to be 047853002508 which would be the result of the cell reference =A3. If I type =A3, the result is 047853002508.

Why doesn’t the concatenate function treat the result as a cell reference?

I assume I’m doing something wrong and I hope I explained this correctly.


Hello Biker60, you could try:


( change the semicolons to comma’s in your case )

Both versions of the INDIRECT statement worked. Thanks erAck and librebel. I have about 1000 rows of data where I’ll apply this formula. It will save me a lot of time.

CONCATENATE concatenates strings of its arguments, if an argument is a cell reference then that is dereferenced and the result concatenated, here D3 is “3” so at the end you get the string “=A3”.

You’re probably looking for INDIRECT instead, if you want to display the value of the content of A3 in this example. So =INDIRECT("A"&D3) which is the same as =INDIRECT(CONCATENATE("A",D3))