I want to copy data from a cell in sheet1 and paste it into a cell in sheet2. I also want to contenate text and add it to the data from sheet1.

I have a spreadsheet at work of item numbers, resale price and sale price. I want to add sheet2, use the data from sheet1 to create a sale tag I can print. There will be 3,000 items. I need to use a macro.

This sounds a little like you want to do a mail merge

A mail merge would work. I take it that the data from the cells in calc would be placed in fields in writer. I think it would be easier just to paste the data into cells in sheet2.

I am not sure of your intended outcome if mail merge is harder. Assuming that A2 contains your item number and B2 & C2 contains Retail and Sale prices you could just enter into sheet 2 the following and drag or copy down.

=$Sheet1.A2&" "&$Sheet1.B2&" "&$Sheet1.C2

BTW I can’t help with a macro as I only made a few and am certainly not proficient.

Your code is probable better than what I was going to do. I will try it later, dinner time in Ohio. I was in New Zealand in May 2002. Beautiful country. I was able to tour both islands.