I want to insert a video from an iPhone, but when I do it's horizontal instead of vertical. How can I change this?

Is there anyway to rotate the view?

@Hrbrgr: I disagree with “off-topic or not relevant”. LibreOffice being unable is the correct answer to this relevant question; an advise to file an enhancement request to enable rotation and/or using metadata from videos is a relevant advise; but generally, this is a user question highly relevant to the LibreOffice and its usage.

@mikekaganski, I opened the question again regarding your important message.

OK, then you can program it so that it works. How many years do we have to wait?

How many years do we have to wait?

@Hrbrgr: I’m sad to read that. This kind of question is totally irrelevant. Personally I do not intend to work on that; but you can. Or OP. Or I (or others in our company) will, if our customer comes with the request. Or … anyone.

Some requests wait tens of years. Some are implemented the next day (yes, usually trivial ones, or those where posters themselves intend to implement them). Time is irrelevant to the issue if the original question relevant or not. Stating that “LibreOffice is not able to do this”, as you did, is correct meanwhile.

This kind of question is totally irrelevant.

No. Only a successful implementation will benefit the OP and other users.

Ohhh… you seem to completely not understand what happens here.

“Only a successful implementation will benefit the OP and other users.”

So what do you want to say? Are you saying that without some guarantees, it doesn’t make sense to file bugs? or ask questions? or…?

LibreOffice is a community project. Every effort may benefit users. Filing bugs is one of those efforts. Asking relevant questions is another. Answering is yet other. Implementing features is only one of possible useful contributions. But … closing relevant questions as irrelevant is not one of them: you don’t do any good to anyone, and offend users by doing that. Requiring someone to guarantee timely “successful implementation” is driving volunteer developers from that (I personally would keep as far as possible from bugs where rogue users try to do that)…

The main thing is that you are right. Believe firmly in it. I will not agree with you.

And again you work with insinuations.

If you have children, I still wish you a nice Father’s Day.

It would be nice if we could end it with this.

The video was probably taken upright. The page lengths determine the presentation in Impress. It is always displayed in landscape format. Try to find a tool online that will convert your video into portrait.

You may have seen it somewhere on TV. In the portrait format, fillings are applied on the left and right.

LibreOffice is not able to do this.