I want to insert in a spreadsheet cell the value from a cell in another worksheet

I want to insert in a spreadsheet cell the value from a cell in another worksheet

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Sorry for the confusion. I should have said “Calc document (i.e. from another Calc file)”.

Sorry - but there is some confusion on terminology and hence your question is not quite clear. What is meant by another worksheet. Do you mean:

  • Cell in another sheet (table) from within the same Calc document –or
  • Cell in a sheet (table) from another Calc document (i.e. from another Calc file)


Hello @RogMe,

thanks for the clarification:

  1. The procedure to define the connection is quite simple:
  • Open both documents (and it may be useful to place `em side-by-side)
  • Go to the cell (target cell), which should refer to another cell (source cell) in the second document
  • Type = into target cell
  • Use mouse and click into the source cell of the second document
  • The formula in target cell will show something like =file://.....ods.'#$Sheet1.A1
  • press ENTER key

You are done (Future updates do not require both documents to be open- Solely the document which has *target cell needs to be opened)

  1. The procedure to assure automatic update of cell content is a bit more complicated.

You need to make the following settings:

  • `Tools → Options → LibreOffice Calc → General → Update link when opening Option: [o] Always (from trusted sources)
  • Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice - Security -> Button Macro Security...-> Tab: Trused Sources -> Pane: Trusted File Locations -> Button: Add...
    Attention: Here you need to add the directory of the document which is linking to the second document (i.e. the location of the document which has cell what I called above “target cell”). This may sound a bit twisted but from an application’s point of view the current document is a Source.

Hope that helps.