I want to Insert Multiple Images all at once

I want to submit Multiple Images all at once.
When I try to Insert a .jpg file, it appears in the document. When I try to submit another image file, I can ONLY see nthat new image in my document. The original image I inserted before disappears from the document!!!

IMHO this is not easy possible in Writer.

Inserting Graphics


Possibly an alternative.

Impress Photo Album

You can change the properties of all inserted images (for example the Anchor of the ones) with the extension Pictool.

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Do as @KamilLanda suggests but you don’t need an extension. In Tools > Options > LibreOffice Writer > Formatting Aids under Image change the options to Anchor as character. Note this is relatively recent addition to the Options menu, tested on

You can then select a bunch of images in your file manager and drag them into Writer and they will be added sequentially.

There may be the possibility to solve this by macro as this source at stackoverflow shows:

I can’t test today (brought no laptop, but when you paste? the second picture the first one is selected. Then it would be normal behaviour to replace the former one…

An inserted image in Writer is hosted by a “silent” TextFrame. The predefined FrameStyle used for this is Graphics.

  1. The visual effects concerning inserted images heavily depend on the settings under Type>Anchor and Wrap for that style which are modifiable.
  2. If you insert a second image while the previous one (its frame) still is selected, the insertion doesn’t go “to the text” or “to the document” directly, but to the frame, and in this case the previous image is replaced. there.
  3. Generally you can use the Drag’nDrop feature of your OS. Select the images in your file manger and “drag them” to a visible part of a text page in LibO. Problem: The windows may be too large?
  4. Basically the same effect you will get if you choose the images after selection for Copy, go then to the Witer document, and Insert there (Ctrl+V).