I was typing a doc. and it just disappeared completelyo

I have done everything to retrieve it but dont know if this is possible.It had three months work on it!!I am using Windows 10

What exactly do you mean with “disappeared”?

Did the writer process terminate?
Did the file got removed from your system (save location)?
What do you mean with “everything” ?

Please be a bit more verbose and maybe add your LO version. Thanks.

Is it possible you accidentally selected Ctrl+A, selecting the whole document, and then typed something which would replace the entire document with your typing? If so and you still have the document open, Undo should restore your contents.

Good point. I would do Ctrl+Z automatically but not everyone does I guess. I wrongly assumed the whole document disappeared.

Can you find it by manually searching in a file manager? 3 months work and not backed up, even to a pen drive, dropbox or sent through email? Hard drives lose sectors all the time, thank tecchies for over-provisioning

If save a backup has been set in Tools > Options > Load/Save > Always create a backup copy then you should be OK. You should be able to copy the backup from the backup folder and paste a copy into [documents folder] and another copy to a pen drive. You can find the path to the backup folder in Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Paths

Possibly there is some relic in your Temp folder too. Good luck, Al